Life is a rollercoaster - you just have to get on!

At the age of seven, I discovered my passion for dancing when I was blown away by a Christmas series named Anna, that prominently featured a ballerina by the same name.  If you haven’t seen Anna or haven’t heard of it don’t worry it probably won’t blow you away in the same way.  For me it was a game changer, I was mesmerized by the beauty of dance and this spark led me to eventually making many trips to New York to take classes at Broadway Dance Center and to take in all of that NY energy. NY could wait, I first had to move from my Franconian town of Bamberg to the Bavarian capital of Munich.   


After learning the art of singing, dancing, and acting I then embarked on a journey as a performer for several German TV Shows which developed into a role as a series regular on Tabaluga tivi, a German children’s comedy show on ZDF, one of the two main national TV channels.  If you haven’t seen Tabaluga tivi I can tell you that it beats Nickelodeon, even on a bad day!  


In 2014 I decided to try to provide another level of entertainment to children, but with a more educational component. I cofounded a Kids Theatre Company, Mutwelten Theatre, which develops live performances that focus on educating children about topics such as violence, sexual abuse, bullying, eating disorders and parental topics around areas like alcohol abuse.

Between 2009 and 2020 we performed over 1,400 plays for roughly 84,000 children in schools all over Bavaria.


Eventually my adventurous side led me to moving to London and my resilient spirit led me to surviving the weather there for almost 3 years. That initial New York City energy and creative buzz never left so I recently decided to make the journey across the pond and to experience this place as real New Yorker. 


Even with all of the travel I still maintained my connectivity to the German creative scene and I still actively work there.  Currently I am a series regular at a Sketch Comedy show on the Disney Channel Germany called Gag Attack XXL.


On my journey as a performer I found another passion: writing.

My lyrics were recorded by a known German folk singer and by a German children’s musical act.

I recently ventured into screenwriting, creating original skits for Disney that were featured on Gag Attack XXL


2020 has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for all of us. I had time to reflect and recently decided to start a blog about the funny moments in life, reflective moments and to share some of my experiences such as moving from a small village to the big city. 

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